Show Host


My name is  Jerry Hodges and I am the host of Real Estate Radio. I have 15 years of hands on real estate experience and over 25 years of real estate exposure.

Growing up, my mother and father were both real estate agents which exposed me to all aspects of a real estate transaction at a very early age.

After graduating I quickly obtained my real estate license to follow in the family footsteps. A little over a year later I realized that having 3 real estate agents competing for the same business may not be the best idea so I decided to enter the mortgage business.

Nine years later I started my own mortgage company and that is primarily what I still do today. When the opportunity to do this radio show came up I was extremely excited to share my knowledge and expertise. I look forward to helping as many people as I can on a weekly basis.

During my career I have also been involved with rental properties and have experience managing single family homes and multi-unit apartment buildings.

The last area that I can offer advice on is credit repair. I have worked extensively with people over the last 15 years to help them improve their credit scores. I will offer tips and advice to help people who have gone through hard times to get their credit back on track.

Now that you know a little about me, make sure to tune in every Sunday morning at 10:00am to 1080am WKJK to learn more. I would also like to encourage you to call the show with your questions and I would be happy to talk with you live on the air!

Thanks for listening!